Taylor Doyle is a video, performance artist and wrestler based in London, UK and London, ON.

Taylor Doyle is a British Canadian video, performance artist, and wrestler currently living in London, UK. Taylor makes work about the relationship between (and obsession with) modern fitness regimes and public sexuality–and how the two narrate one another. Taylor is interested in the history of the institutionalization of exercise and the sweaty little spaces in which we practice communally and individually. Her work involves the insertion of physical feats of strength and endurance into public spaces, using architecture to inspire athleticism. Through video, Taylor examines the perceived strength of femme-identifying individuals, inter-gendered competitiveness, and the politics of the body. Her work has been shown in both London and Toronto, CA, in venues such as Whippersnapper Gallery, Videofag, Forest City Gallery, and Trinity Square Video. Taylor has experience working collaboratively to create community-based projects; as a past studio resident at the artist-run centre Good Sport, as a past team member of the London Arts Council, and as Artist-In-Residence at D’CLINIC studios in Slovenia. Most recently Taylor has performed at Chalton Gallery in London, UK. Proud to be born in London, CA, Taylor has love for London Regionalism and ideas of the hyper-local. Taylor is currently studying at the Slade School of Fine Art working towards an MFA in Fine Art Media and developing work about wrestling and the body.

Email: taylor.doyle@hotmail.com

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