D’CLINIC studios

Work conceived during a residency at D’ClINIC studios in June 2015.

The Slovenian word for workout exercise is ‘vaja’.

On Saturdays I go to the spa
I lie the whole time

I look for an open reclining chair
My feet feel like slime on the hot tiles, until the moisture between my toes evaporates
And then my feet feel like they are bubbling

People gaze at my insect bites, which are impressive
It’s not a repulsion, but more of a fascination, what skin can do
Allergic reaction and scratching make great red blisters with halos,
and some open tops

Disgust is a kind of excitement, disgust is an excuse, for looking

There are a lot of saggy bodies here. Saggy tits and saggy leg skin, that twist around bones with every step. Butts that fold over themselves, those are my favourite.
I don’t come here for sex, but I like to imagine all that skin making love.
I always look when the other isn’t watching. And they would do the same. 

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