“…the feeling of the need to cleanse is constant to the human condition. Accepting oneself is often an individual journey and struggle in itself.”

After the sweat, hit the showers and let it all go.

One thought on “Wash

  1. whatthefuck man (or woman)! this is quite “crappy”, meaning extremely simple concerning the whole scenario (static scene, one single subject, few and selected sounds), don’t get me wrong. yet, it’s so meaningful. and more: it’s scary! I didn’t manage to watch it all the way through. and this is due to the really disturbing coughing sound (that resemble the sound of torture) and to the fact the face is watched in a uncommon direction, way. watching the eyes and the mouth turning and opening this uncommon way already is scary by itself. I suggest you an “experiment” (if you haven’t done it already): watch a soccer match on TV with upside down, so that the bottom of your head watches the ground. athletes’ leg movements will appear extremely weird…

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